CICS in a nutshell

What is CICS?

CICS (Customer Information Control System) is a system, which allows users to develop and execute online applications in an MVS environment. It is a command-level language that consists of a set of commands, coded in the Procedure Division.

Sample code from a COBOL program


Using CICS, users can share their applications, program, and data files. The system is simple, robust, and compatible. CICS is used by the online banking system, insurance companies, and airline reservation systems. CICS programs can be written in COBOL, Assembler, PL/I, C, C++, Java…

Features of CICS

CICS is OLTP (Online Transaction Processing system) which means it is an online system consisting of transactions.

What are the major components in CICS?

Data Communication Functions: It is the interface between CICS and terminals.

Structure of the components
Structure of different components
CICS Nucleus

Control Programs in CICS

Program Control Program (PCP): It governs the flow between CICS and CICS application programs.

What is multi-tasking?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Handling multiple tasks at a time. Wow ! Easy! But what is a task in CICS?

BMS role in CICS

BMS(Basic Mapping Support) is provided by CICS to help you define and format screens. The screen is developed with a MAPSET.

Map Definition in MAPLIB



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